vision, visualise

Having a Vision

Week 4 Day 1 Welcome to Week 4 of The Self Mastery Series! So far we have explored your mind, body, fitness, failure, relationships and rest aspects of Self Mastery for three weeks. We have looked at strength, flexibility, rest, using failure and the quality of your relationships. Now we go further into the depths of [...]

Resting your Spirit

Week 2 Day 7 Welcome to the final day in week 2 of The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to be exploring how you can rest your spirit, in order to recharge your batteries and stay well on your travels!   Resting your spirit Life can take its toll on us at the [...]

Deling with failure

How to Deal With Failure

  Welcome to day 4 of the Self Mastery Series; today we are going to be examining your attitude towards failure.    We all fail All of us. So, what are we so scared of? As well as the fear of death, the fear of failure is the most prevalent fear that I see in [...]