Technology- time to take a tech break?

  Week 3 Final Day When to take a tech break The technology which we have access to is staggering; iPhone, tablets, pcs, touchscreen devices, there are all sorts of electronical wonders! And they are fantastic. However, too much screen time can divert your attention from what really matters. Here are some common scenarios which [...]

family, relationships

Family and Relationships

  Week 2 Day 6 Relationships and families Welcome to the second part of our look at families and relationships in The Self Mastery Series. I hope your journey is going well and you are enjoying its challenges! Our relationships and our families are fundamentally important in our quest for Self-Mastery. They are where we [...]

How to Have Quality Relationships

  Welcome to Day 5 of The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to begin to explore the relationships that we have in our lives and consider the effect that they can have on us. Having quality relationships. What are your relationships like with those you love? With those that you just tolerate? With [...]