Body transformation: My 5 Month Journey

BODY TRANSFORMATION: MY 5 MONTH JOURNEY Hi guys, welcome to what I am sure will be both my most intimate and best Blog yet, because the subject is so dear to my heart. Last week I decided to begin a 5 month bodybuilding transformation, in order to finally achieve the levels of physique and fitness that I [...]

quiet time, silence, rest, recover, peace

The Importance of Quiet Time

Week 3 Day 1 Quiet Time Welcome to Week 3 of The Self Mastery Series! So far, we have looked at the important areas in your life; your mind, your body, your spirit, your relationships, failure, and your rest. We have looked at some strategies and ideas to improve yourself in these areas. Now in [...]

How to cope with a low mood

Coping With Feeling Low

  How to cope with a low mind Welcome back to The Self Mastery Series and to Week 2. I hope that you enjoyed your first week’s exercises and reflections and now we move on and deeper into Self Mastery in Week 2! Last week we looked at the benefits that meditation brings to the [...]


Your Mental Health

  Here at From Scratch With Love we're celebrating Lent with a brand new series on Self Mastery, as this is what we believe Lent is all about; whether you do that through giving up chocolate or starting a positive new habit. Each day of Lent we'll be uploading a new post on the various [...]