Body transformation: My 5 Month Journey

BODY TRANSFORMATION: MY 5 MONTH JOURNEY Hi guys, welcome to what I am sure will be both my most intimate and best Blog yet, because the subject is so dear to my heart. Last week I decided to begin a 5 month bodybuilding transformation, in order to finally achieve the levels of physique and fitness that I [...]

How to Improve Your Flexibility

  Welcome back to The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to be focusing on improving your flexibility, why it is important and how you can benefit from becoming more flexible.   Our flexibility Firstly, I would like you to understand that a lot of inflexibility, stiffness and pain may come simply from too [...]

Deling with failure

How to Deal With Failure

  Welcome to day 4 of the Self Mastery Series; today we are going to be examining your attitude towards failure.    We all fail All of us. So, what are we so scared of? As well as the fear of death, the fear of failure is the most prevalent fear that I see in [...]

Self mastery strenght and fitness training

Strength and Excersise

Welcome to Day 2 of The Self Mastery Series! I am very excited to be presenting this series which I believe will help you in making noticeable progress in your life towards being responsible and capable and becoming who you truly want to be. Strength training is essential to your physical fitness.  It is a [...]