Body transformation: My 5 Month Journey

BODY TRANSFORMATION: MY 5 MONTH JOURNEY Hi guys, welcome to what I am sure will be both my most intimate and best Blog yet, because the subject is so dear to my heart. Last week I decided to begin a 5 month bodybuilding transformation, in order to finally achieve the levels of physique and fitness that I [...]

Technology- time to take a tech break?

  Week 3 Final Day When to take a tech break The technology which we have access to is staggering; iPhone, tablets, pcs, touchscreen devices, there are all sorts of electronical wonders! And they are fantastic. However, too much screen time can divert your attention from what really matters. Here are some common scenarios which [...]

Fear of Failure

Failure – What are you scared of?

  Hello! Victoria here doing a surprise guest post on the Self Mastery Series. I hope you're enjoying the series so far. I want to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone who has commented and fed back to us so far;  if you haven't already we'd love to hear from you, comment below! So todays [...]

Chopped vegetables from pexels

10 Nutritional Nuggets for a healthy diet

  There is a lot of conflicting information about nutrition out there, so I am going to keep this simple and give you 10 nutritional nuggets that will definitely help you to eat well, be healthy and help you to gain Mastery in your eating:   Eat protein with every meal. This can be meat, [...]

How to Improve Your Flexibility

  Welcome back to The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to be focusing on improving your flexibility, why it is important and how you can benefit from becoming more flexible.   Our flexibility Firstly, I would like you to understand that a lot of inflexibility, stiffness and pain may come simply from too [...]

How to cope with a low mood

Coping With Feeling Low

  How to cope with a low mind Welcome back to The Self Mastery Series and to Week 2. I hope that you enjoyed your first week’s exercises and reflections and now we move on and deeper into Self Mastery in Week 2! Last week we looked at the benefits that meditation brings to the [...]

How to get quality rest

How to Get Quality Rest

  Welcome to day 6 of The Self Mastery Series, where today we are going to be looking at the quality of the rest that you are getting. There are different types of rest that are important: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We will be covering these. Today is physical rest. Sleep is a massive [...]

How to Have Quality Relationships

  Welcome to Day 5 of The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to begin to explore the relationships that we have in our lives and consider the effect that they can have on us. Having quality relationships. What are your relationships like with those you love? With those that you just tolerate? With [...]

Deling with failure

How to Deal With Failure

  Welcome to day 4 of the Self Mastery Series; today we are going to be examining your attitude towards failure.    We all fail All of us. So, what are we so scared of? As well as the fear of death, the fear of failure is the most prevalent fear that I see in [...]