hi guys! I’m so sorry my computer died last night so I’m on it first thing to get this to you! Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who is following this and supporting me in my Facebook page, especially Cosmo Bideri who said he is learning so much about the mentality of transformation, thank you my friend, this one is for you!

Welcome to week 2 of my transformation blog- 5 months, 100 workouts and 980 healthy meals to achieve the body of my dreams! 

This week we are going to be looking at cheat meals, progress and lessons learned in and outside the gym!




By now I’m starting to become quite used to what I’m eating. It’s actually not that much of a challenge eating 7 times a day, as long as you get up early enough. I’m now up at 5am for a morning walk, followed by my first meal at 5.45am, no problem. But at the weekend, when I’ve had a lie in it can be a nightmare! Yesterday I started eating at 11am and it was non stop eating until 10.30pm!

This week I was very excited because after 14 days of completely healthy eating I got my hands on my first cheat meal!!..This is how a cheat meal works. Eating so regularly helps to speed up your metabolism, which speeds up your bodily processes, such as recovery and fat burning. Think of it like a big fire inside you, and by feeding it regularly with good stuff it will get hotter and burn stronger! The thing is, your body is very smart. And if you regularly eat chicken, seeet potato and broccoli, it gets used to it very quickly and can slow down. Throwing in some sugar, salt and fat shocks it and wakes it up, forcing it to get going again and speed up.

There’s the thinking behind it. Also, it’s great and healthy to have a break from such a strict regime! It reminds me that I’m choosing to do this and that makes me feel good to know that I’m in control of it.  Soooo, there was a sumptuous homemade pepperoni and cheese pizza (I actually ate one and a half!!…) my favourite chocolicious cereal, home made cookies, chocolate, tea with honey in ( I know I’m such a badass…) milk and peanut butter! Now it was seriously good, but I made the mistake of drinking a litre of water afterwards. Let’s just say there was no room for it in my belly and it felt like it was sitting at the top of my chest for an hour!

A thing of beauty!


I’ve been getting great results in my training, as by 9am I have two meals in me and I’m fully fuelled. Also I have been fortunate at my gym, SAS in Leyland, to have a great spotter, who has helped me to achieve personal bests and push me harder than I could on my own. Friday night was a real highlight for me. The earliest I could get into the gym was 11pm, and I really went for it. By the final exercise I was sat on the calf raise machine, pumping my legs up and down with sweat stinging my eyes and being close to tears and emotional from the effort. Talk about leaving it all there!!… I hear all these so called motivational phrases such as go hard or go home, I’m not a fan of those. But I do believe that you should do your absolute best, and it’s always more than you think you can!

Feeling dapper in my clothes!


lessons learned 

1. Dedication

This week I found myself visiting Sainsbury’s late at night to buy rice crackers, cooking full meals at 7.30am and training past midnight. I’ve found that this dedication to my bodybuilding has reinforced my dedication in other areas. If I say I’m going to do something I do it, no one else, no excuses, just me.

2. Discipline is good

Being in such a disciplined, strict regime has actually given me a lot of freedom. By knowing exactly what I have to eat and when, I do not have to really spend any mental energy being concerned about what I’m eating, or if my training is working etc. This has resulted in me having more energy and thinking creatively in other areas, such as writing this blog. Discipline is a good thing.

3. The small things count

Yes it does make a difference if you eat and weigh 180g compared to 181g. As what that says about you as a person is that you know that the little things add up over time to contribute to large changes. Every time I weigh my food I make sure it is completely accurate. This is not obsessional, like I said before it actually requires very little thought to do so. It’s more about habit and practice. And I’ve noticed that I’m making the small things count in other areas of my life. I’m living to higher standards now and this was shown yesterday when I was cleaning the house. I even cleaned my front door- in over 4 years of living in my house I have never done this into now!

Next week- upgrades, diet changes and noticeable gains

Have a great week!

Take care,