Hi guys, here you can read about the very start of my bodybuilding transformation! Two weeks, 98 meals, 10 workouts and 1 epic treat meal at the end….

What I ate

A lot of people want to know what to eat to build muscle, burn fat and to look and feel better. Although I am by no means an expert, I have learned a lot weight training, cooking and studying for the past 10 years or so. But I hit a plateau and needed someone to guide me further. So Tommy now has me eating 7 meals a day! The idea behind this is that the body is like a furnace, and by feeding it more regularly, your metabolism will start to speed up, then it will get hotter and hotter and become more efficient. Sounds good doesn’t it?! So here’s my daily meals

Meal 1- Oats, liquid eggs white and protein powder, vitamins and shake of super greens.

Meal 2- minced beef and white rice

Meal 3- chicken breast, rice cakes, coconut oil

Meal 4 sweet potato, greens, chicken breast, coconut oil

Meal 5 sweet potato, greens, chicken breast, coconut oil

Meal 6 greek yogurt, protein powder, cashew nuts

6 litres of water!

I admit, when you look at it written down, it looks like an awful lot, but the truth is, that once you set your intention and think, I’m going to do this, then you realise that is what you have to eat and you kind just get on with it!

Meal 2! White rice and mince


How I trained

I’ve always enjoyed training in the gym, but eating as a bodybuilder means you have to train like one! I now do 25 minutes fasted cardio walking first thing in the morning and I go to the gym 5 times a week, with rest (!) on the weekends. My training split is chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and I train my abs every day. The good thing about training this way is that you just have to focus on one body part a day for an hour an exhaust it. The first day I stepped into the gym being on this specific diet, I felt different. Firstly I’d eaten two meals despite it being only 9am! But as I trained and pushed myself, I remembered how much effort I was making eating lots of super healthy foods every 2/3 hours, and so I had to make as much effort in my training. So I trained longer, and harder, and I kept adding an extra 2 reps and going for heavier weight. In the first week I even set some new personal bests! The most challenging part was staying mentally positive in the gym. It’s far too easy to pay attention to other people and what they are doing, and to not push yourself. I’ve found that listening to loud heavy music helps a lot!

My best friend- the leg press!


The mind-set

By far the most challenging part of my first week of bodybuilding was the mental side of it. You are eating a lot more food every day, and you have to remember that it is not going t make you fat. you have to work so hard in the gym, but then be kind to yourself afterwards and be happy with what you have done. The diet is completely relentless and you get no time off form it, its like being an athlete…But I like a challenge! I have actually really enjoyed the discipline that it has brought into my life, the faith that you need to show to keep what you want at the end of this in your mind and keep believing that you are going to get there.


Week 1 lessons learned and benefits

Well in my first 4 days of bodybuilding, eating over 3000 calories every day I managed to lose a pound in weight! I was flabbergasted, but I couldn’t deny wht the scales where saying. It is vey important to point out that in the beginning, weight is not that much of an issue, the most important thing is the regular eating and the hard training. But here are some lessons learned and benefits form my first week

Lesson 1- ALWAYS have your meals prepped and with you if you are going out. The world does not care if you have to eat every 2/3 hours like a baby, nor with it provide you with healthy food of the kind that you want!

Lesson 2- weighing food is essential- you have to stick to the programme 100%. Thinking that you can be fast and loose with measurements will just lead to you being lazy. Stay disciplined.

Benefit 1- getting up early. In order to fit in my training and all the eating I have to do, I ma now getting up at 5am! This is actually fantastic, as I have always wanted to do this, but have never had enough reason to. It is lovely and quiet and I love the solitude and time in nature that I get to have at the start of the day.

Benefit 2- self discipline. Man I thought I was discipline before I started this, but now its gone to a whole new level. Weighing every ingredient to the g, never skipping a meal, training when you don’t feel like it, getting up early and walking when you don’t feel like it, keeping your dreams strong in your mind, all of these things have helped to build my character; I said I was going to do it, and now I am.

Benefit 3- living the dream! For years I have always wanted to make the absolute best of my body. And like so many of us, I always thought when I have more time and more money it might happen, but did not. But I now feel a tremendous satisfaction in knowing that I am now doing exactly what I need to do to make this dream of mine come true. Also, knowing that I do not need to do this and that no one is forcing me to do it, reminds me what a wonderful set of choices we have in our lives to make of it absolutely whatever we want.


Prepped and ready to go!


Thank you to my girlfriend Vikki, my parents and all my online supporters and friends, I’ve been amazed how supportive and encouraging people have been. I wish you all the very best in your lives and your daily transformations! Stay strong, keep focused and enjoy the process!


Next week

late night shopping trips, 2am meals, emotional training and one epic treat meal!