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Keep smiling

Hi guys, welcome to what I am sure will be both my most intimate and best Blog yet, because the subject is so dear to my heart.
Last week I decided to begin a 5 month bodybuilding transformation, in order to finally achieve the levels of physique and fitness that I have wanted and dreamed of for over 10 years!
Who am I?

My name is Michael. I’m a 31 year old Professional Adventurer. I get to work in the wonderful worlds of teaching , psychology, sport, business, music, social media, blogging writing and coaching. I studied martial arts for over ten years, which led me into weight training. I have enjoyed pushing myself and growing in the gym for nearly ten years and I worked as a personal trainer too! Recently, through my work with the wonderful  high performance company Michael Finnigan’s i2i I have been inspired to follow and live my dreams. This year alone this has seen me riding horses, swimming with sharks, sky diving, climbing mountains, learning to juggle and visiting other countries. I have always wanted to do bodybuilding, in order to push my body to achieve the levels that I now think that I am capable of. With an upcoming business trip to Australia coming this November, now is the perfect time to build the body of my dreams…

A chance to eat white rice for a change!

What am I doing?

At my gym, SAS gym in Leyland, I have worked out and enjoyed training for nearly a year. It is a real spit and sawdust gym, full of great characters, real tough men and women who are willing to work hard every day. Run by Tommy, I felt at home straight away and I’ve had some real great times there from flipping tyres in strongman training to circuits, bodyweight workouts and achieving new personal bests. I came to Tommy as I realised my training had reached a plateau and I needed someone on side to push me further. And so Tommy, after making sure that I was fully committed, agreed to sort out my diet and hold me accountable. Curious excited and nervous, I asked him what kind of shape I could get into with 5 months of dedicated training and eating. He pointed to the wall behind me, at pictures of local men and women who had competed in bodybuilding competitions, “Stage ready mate, you’ll be ripped, ready for the stage.” I was in.

And so I will be training 5 times a week- Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs with a weekend of rest. I will also be up at 5am every day doing fasted cardio on an empty stomach; 25 minutes of walking, 5 times a week, each workout in the gym will be at least an hour long and will require me to give my all.
I will also be eating 7 times a day, every 2.5-3 hours! I have always loved food and I think that this bit will not be a problem! I will be drinking 6 litre of water a day as will as taking vitamins and protein shakes.

5 months
20 weeks
100 workouts
980 meals
0 Excuses!

Why am I doing this?

The work that I do is all about helping people to be their very best. I love people and I love helping them to achieve their dreams, to improve, to change, to push themselves and to grow. I find that the best way to do this is to live this as a lifestyle for myself. This has taken me to some amazing places in life so far, and now I’m ready for my biggest one yet! I have always been fascinated with natural bodybuilding, and how far one can go in their pursuit of fitness, sculpting their body and pushing their mind. It is one of the most challenging and demanding of lifestyles that I have encountered so far in the health and fitness world…and I like that. I like a challenge and I am keen to see how far I can take my body in 5 months.

oats- breakfast of champions!

What will be up here?

Each week I will post how I am getting on with my transformation. This will include both physical results as well as how I am developing and changing mentally.  Already as I  am writing this, I know that I am not just the man I once was. I will also be telling you what supplements and food I am taking in and reviewing them, so that you guys know what is good value and what could be helpful for you.  .

How can you get involved?

I’d love for you to share what transformations you are going through. Are you beginning a new job? Are you changing emotional habits? Relationships? Thinking patterns? Please comment on this and share them. If you have any questions about what I am doing, please ask me. I’d like to do a video blog answering any questions that you might have.

We are all in a continuous transformational process of change. As I am beginning mine, I wish you all the very best in yours, whatever that may be.


Here we go!

Michael Quigley

Mike is a people loving adventure seeker. He loves to inspire others to be their very best and motivate them to do so. A keen advocate of fitness of both the mind and body, Mike regularly visits the gym, meditates, does yoga and running, strongman training and trampolining. His nearest upcoming adventure involves jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks and climbing the highest mountain in the country. His favourite phrases is ‘You can’t argue with success!”

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