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Week 3 Final Day

When to take a tech break

The technology which we have access to is staggering; iPhone, tablets, pcs, touchscreen devices, there are all sorts of electronical wonders! And they are fantastic. However, too much screen time can divert your attention from what really matters. Here are some common scenarios which indicate that it may be time to take a tech break:

  1. You find yourself scrolling through your social media several times, even if you do not have a notification, looking for something.
  2. You get a ghost message– checking your phone for a message that never occurred, but you thought you heard.
  3. Your interactions with others have gone down- you do not make eye contact in conversation, you are quickly and easily distracted, you break conversations to look at your phone.
  4. You begin to feel isolated, lonely and a bit sad after having over exposure to social media and its glamorous images.
  5. You feel uncomfortable leaving the house without your phone, even for a short time.

If you have experienced some of these situations recently, then you could take a tech break. Abstinence is a profound and powerful tool for gaining mastery over the self. Ghandi used it in relation to food and sex, to gain control over his appetites. I have used it abstaining from foods and alcohol as well as negative habits, and the results have been fantastic. Time away from something good helps you to re-appreciate it when you begin it again, with fresh eyes. And if it is something negative or destructive that you are taking time away from, that will help you in breaking the control that it may have over you.

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Your tech break could be just an hour or two, a morning or evening or a day or more. Choose an amount of time that you feel you would be comfortable to start with, then build up and challenge yourself. You could make a no phones at the table rule, or provide an hour of time with your family where no phones are to be switched on. The point of this is not to suffer through missing your phone or device, it is to remind you that you control both yourself and your habits. You do not actually need anything to survive and thrive. Also, I would suggest that you spend your tech break time productively, such as practising a skill or a hobby or doing jobs that you usually put off. That way, you are leveraging your time, by having a tech break and getting productive or fun things done at the same time!

Week 3 Final Day Actions

Schedule in a tech break this week. Plan an amount of time away from your phone and other electronic devices and stick to it. Document what you did instead and how you felt. Consider making this a regular habit if you enjoyed it and benefitted from it.

Best of luck!



Michael Quigley

Mike is a people loving adventure seeker. He loves to inspire others to be their very best and motivate them to do so. A keen advocate of fitness of both the mind and body, Mike regularly visits the gym, meditates, does yoga and running, strongman training and trampolining. His nearest upcoming adventure involves jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks and climbing the highest mountain in the country. His favourite phrases is ‘You can’t argue with success!”

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