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Week 3 Day 3

Raising your spirit levels


Welcome back to The Self Mastery Series and to Day 3 of week 3. Last week as we explored the spirit we looked at when to rest the spirit, when we need spiritual rest. Today we are going to look at how to boost your spiritual energy levels, how to get you going, how to raise your spirit!


Here are five top tips for raising your spiritual energy:


  1. Vision Think of the bigger picture in your life. What is important to you? What do you want to achieve? And what small steps can you take today to move loser to that? Thinking about this makes today valuable and accountable and will raise your spirit towards the achievement of that dream.
  2. Music Listening to music can give your system a terrific shot in the arm. High energy, dramatic, powerful music will shake your spirit and can instantaneously rise your spiritual levels in seconds! Just try listening to the Rocky soundtrack!
  3. Use what you have If you are feeling low, sluggish, depressed, down, anxious, bitter or anything not very desirable, realise that is still energy. So, use this negative energy to fuel you and burn it off. For example, if you are feeling very angry, go out for a fast run and attack it! Or if you are feeling low, choose lower energy tasks to do, but do them with intent and keep at them. By using whatever is available and succeeding, you are sending powerful messages to your system that you can handle anything.
  4. Urgency Create a sense of urgency, allow yourself to feel this needs to be done! And then go do it. Set yourself little deadlines and hold yourself accountable. For example, I will not attempt to do an hours’ worth of work and just see how it goes. No, I will work intensely for 20 minutes, have a short break, and repeat this again two more times. It is incredible how much you can get done when you make good use of your time and create a short sense of urgency!
  5. Love Remember what you love. Think of it and feel it often. So, think of your love(s) and use them to fuel you. Imagine that what you must do or say or be will have a direct result on your love, as it often has. For example, going to the gym can result in being fit, which means more physically capable to be around and with your loved ones for a long time. This then provides and incentive for you in your life, if you can link in all you are and do with what you love, for love is the greatest motivator of all.


Week 3 Day 3 Actions

Pick one of the tips and try it out every day for a week, especially when you feel like your spirit needs a bit of a boost. Write down any positive changes that you experience and reflect on them.


Raise your spirit!

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