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Week 2 Day 7

Welcome to the final day in week 2 of The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to be exploring how you can rest your spirit, in order to recharge your batteries and stay well on your travels!


Resting your spirit

Life can take its toll on us at the very deepest level. People die, accidents happen, situations rage out of control, loved ones let us down. These inevitable moments of life can take a great deal out of us and lay us low, on an emotional and spiritual level. It is very important to acknowledge that we need more than physical rest and sleep, we must go deeper and tend to the needs of the spirit.


Ways to rest your spirit

I am going to suggest three things that you can do to rest and restore your spirit, which have worked very well for me in my life:

  1. Meditate. Take some time every day for 5-10 minutes, to sit and quieten your mind. Allow thoughts to come and go like cars on a road. Then listen to the sounds around you. Focus then on your breathing and breathe deeply. Continue this for 5-10 minutes and allow your mind to quieten. This will give your mind some free time to simply recharge and be at peace. Even when you are sleeping, our minds can be very active, so giving it some time for daily respite is a brilliant idea.
  2. Exercise your brain. This may sound contradicting, but our brains are so powerful that we can never really wear them out! When I am spiritually drained, I find that one of the best ways to give myself a pick up is to play an instrument, speak a different language, write something, read something, play a game, use an app. This will stimulate your brain and remind your system of just how much it can do and how your limits are usually self-imposed.
  3. Abstain from something. This could be technology- like our iPhone or the internet, alcohol, certain foods, or something as simple as swearing. Doing this will help remind you of the strength of your character and how you we do not actually need half of the things that we use and fill our days with. It will allow you to reconnect with what is important and enjoy a feeling of liberation.


Day 7 Actions

Pick one of these suggested tips for restoring your spirit and try it for a week. Enjoy it and enjoy knowing that you are fully capable of re-energising and re-vitalising yourself, to be at your best.

Rest up and be happy!

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