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Week 2 Day 6

Relationships and families

Welcome to the second part of our look at families and relationships in The Self Mastery Series. I hope your journey is going well and you are enjoying its challenges! Our relationships and our families are fundamentally important in our quest for Self-Mastery. They are where we first learn our values, where we get to practise our love and where we can hopefully make mistakes and learn safely as children and as adults.


Who is in your family and important relationships?

Who are your family? Your parents and siblings? Does your family extend beyond your blood relations? I was very fortunate to know someone who was not a blood relation, but he knew me for my whole life up until his death. It was a privilege to have him in my family and he was just as close to me as any other. Take the time today to think about your family and those close to you, and how wonderful they are. Make an effort to ring them, txt them, hug them, reach out to them and hold them close.


What are your roles in your relationships?

Are you a mother? A father? A cousin, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, partner? We each have several different roles as people, and we act differently in each of them. An important part  of knowing oneself is knowing which version of ourselves  is appropriate to each person and situation. A son wants love and affection in a different way to a friend, father or cousin and yet the thread running underneath all of these is the congruence of love and affection that we have for all of our loved ones.


How can you help others in these relationships?

Perhaps your mother is lonely, or you grandma is bitter and angry. Your daughter may feel deeply sad or your boyfriend may have a destructive habit. These are opportunities to help our loved ones, to nurture each other and grow together. Here is your chance to improve the world if you can just see it that way! There truly is nothing that can stop the determined human spirit and the power of your love for your dearest is strong enough to overcome any challenging situation they are experiencing. Take a moment today to think about and write down the difficulties your loved ones are experiencing and how you can help them in their lives. Those with Self Mastery do not simply focus on themselves, they create a better future for all.



The wonderful Stephen Covey helped me to be aware of the phrase, interdependence, which is beautiful phrase that hints of the ability of us all to be related together, to be able to help each other, to grow with each other. This is so true of our relationships. They offer us the chance to grow beyond ourselves, to help and extend beyond ourselves and in doing so, grow beyond independence into a place of mutual generosity and support. This is not a hope for the future, it is possible today and every day and right now there are already millions of people who are bravely seeing things this way and acting as such.


Day 6 Actions

Take the time to reach out and contact your loved ones today. Define who they are and how you can help them and enjoy knowing that you have a team behind you that always wants to help you to be your best self.


Hug your loved ones!













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