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Happy weekend! And welcome to day five in the second week of The Self Mastery Series. Today we will be exploring our spirit and will be looking at the quality of your life. I’d like to begin by getting you to think about the answer to this question- where do I put my spirit, my energy, my vibrancy into in my life? The answer or answers to this question will greatly affect the quality of your life, for spirit is the life force, the energy, the essence of all.


Putting your what, where?

Where you direct your energy, your spirit, your life force, life will grow. It’s as simple and beautiful as that. It is very important that you understand that where you direct your spirit, you will get results. So, if you invest lots of time in your family and relationships, you will build loving, strong, happy relationships. If you ignore and neglect them, then you won’t. The same applies to your fitness, your social relations, your talents, your religious beliefs, your interests, all kinds of areas. Even simply directing your attention to areas and or contemplating them for a while will absolutely make a difference to your life! You will know when areas of your life are full of your spirit, they sparkle, they shine, they tingle with electricity and excitement.


How to channel your spirit

It is important that you think of your spiritual energy as precious, potent, and not to be wasted. Rather than trying to direct it into lots of different areas for a little bit, then moving it on into different areas; simply focus on those that are most important and think of how you want these areas to grow and develop. Working, playing, or doing anything from a place of motivation, inspiration, or even love is not always strong enough. You must put your very spirit into things. You must focus strongly and believe that your spirit has power and magic in it. If you dabble in things, things may happen, or they may not. If you channel your spirit, the very mountains will jump out of your way!


Day 5 Actions

Write a list of all the areas where you are channelling your spirit. Which areas of your life are you putting your very spirit into? Are there some that you are neglecting? Are you only dabbling when you should be taking the plunge? Which areas are you successfully spiritually fulfilled in? Take the time to reflect on this and let the answers sink in.


What areas have you identified to work on? Comment below.

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