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How to cope with a low mind

Welcome back to The Self Mastery Series and to Week 2. I hope that you enjoyed your first week’s exercises and reflections and now we move on and deeper into Self Mastery in Week 2! Last week we looked at the benefits that meditation brings to the mind and this week we are going to examine what to do when you find yourself faced with what I call a low mind.


Causes of a low mind

Sometimes your body is tired. Sometimes an event can have taken more out of you than you have imagined or perhaps you are just feeling a little sad. These moments of low mind are perfectly natural, and do not need to be feared. We need to have moments to slow down, to have a cup of tea, to simply sit and stare, to be. We do not need to wait until we feel great or until all events line up to our advantage to live out our dreams; we can make use of our low mind moments, to our advantage, straight away.


When this has happened to me

I find that I often have moments of low mind after moments of elation. For example, after visiting the gym I drive home with quite a low mind. I also find that just after eating, when my body is digesting food, my mind can be quite low, and that’s ok. I use these moments to think positive thoughts repeatedly, and to do low level activities such as cleaning and doing the dishes, until it passes. Low mind moments are also good to engage in planning future events, doing paperwork and cleaning.


What you can do about it

When you are experiencing moments of low mind, it is a good opportunity to do mundane things such as washing, ironing, cleaning, things that do not require a lot of energy or momentum. It is important to not over-analyse or think about such moments. Feeling this way is not a sign of unhappiness or failure, it is simply a moment happening in your day that your brain needs, such as when the tide goes out, after coming in, or when the sun is setting and there is a beautiful moment of twilight!


Benefits of low mind moments

Having moments of low mind can be very beneficial for us in our lives. We cannot live daily in a continual state of energy and positivity. We need moments to come down, to lie low, to consider things and to be quiet. Do not resist these moments, they are not a sign that anything is wrong. On the contrary, being aware of our moments of high and low mind and making best use of them in different ways is a fantastic flexible way of thinking and being, which allows us to make the most of how we are at any particular moment in our lives.


Week 2 Day 1 Actions

When you are experiencing moments of low mind this week, stay calm and recognise them for what they are. Take the opportunity to do low level activities and know that they will pass, so make use of them!

Keep going,

How to cope woth low mood









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