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Welcome to Day 5 of The Self Mastery Series. Today we are going to begin to explore the relationships that we have in our lives and consider the effect that they can have on us.

Having quality relationships.

What are your relationships like with those you love? With those that you just tolerate? With those that you do not even know? An Important part of self-mastery is understanding what is within your control and what is not. No man or woman can exist in this world in a vacuum, fully independent of others and without living in relation to others. This is a fantastic opportunity!


It is exactly our shared differences, as well as our similarities which offer us the chance to learn from each other. This world is a vibrant, interdependent hive of activity and communication and that’s exciting! If we are to live with and for each other, then why not take or make the time to invest in our relationships with others, as well as ourselves. The perfect place to begin is with our own family. We inherit a family unit and this is a brilliant place to examine how we communicate, listen to and love others. How are your family relationships? Do they need a workout like your body? Or are they fantastic, can you draw on your successes in this area to help you in others?  At this early stage in the programme, do not make any judgements on yourself or others simply have a look at the people in your life and your interactions with them, how you feel about them and how much of an impact they have on you.


Day 5 Actions

Write down the relationships that you are in your life: family, friends, professional and personal. Have a good look at them and see if you notice anything important that you could act on today.

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