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Welcome to Day 3 of The Self Mastery Series!

So far we have looked at the mind with meditation and the body through strength training.  Now is an excellent time to explore your beliefs. What is real to you? What is true? Why do you believe this is so? Do you have religious beliefs or not? What do you define as your spirituality? These open ended deeper questions are very effective for provoking deeper thought, contemplation, and reflection. In my life, I have asked myself these questions weekly and even daily to give a spiritual grounding and framework to my character and how I conduct my affairs.


Often, I have found that people can be turned off or defensive when discussing issues of spirituality. To me, all beliefs or lack of them are valid and can be a basis for a healthy, very happy life. Those with a belief in God or Gods can rest assured of his/her wonderful love and grace. And atheists can appreciate the sheer wonder of the natural universe, whilst embracing the wondrous possibilities that life offers us for our limited time. In my opinion there is much proactive, positive dialogue that can exist between these supposedly opposed views on the spiritual spectrum.


A man or woman digging in the dirt with a religious belief could see the beauty of God’s creation and appreciate its nutrients and creatures as part of it. Those without religious beliefs could focus on the incredible numbers of bacteria and life, life at its fullest there and then, without need for anything else at all. Both beliefs however, can appreciate the sheer incredible vitality and beauty in even a handful of soil; by remembering how fortunate we are to exist and to be conscious at all. We can contemplate and enjoy all that life has to offer: from the lowly earthworm to the greatest volcanoes erupting on distant planets in our Solar System. From this point of view, all is truly sacred and wondrous.


Day 3 Actions

Explore your spiritual beliefs today. What is true to you? Explore your spirituality- where has it come from? Is it outdated? Do you need to give your spirituality a bit of a declutter and an upgrade? How do you interact with those of similar and different beliefs? How can you learn from them?

Enjoy getting to know yourself and the world on a spiritual level!

Exploring Spirituality and Beliefs for Beginners








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