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Welcome to Day 2 of The Self Mastery Series!

I am very excited to be presenting this series which I believe will help you in making noticeable progress in your life towards being responsible and capable and becoming who you truly want to be.

Strength training is essential to your physical fitness.  It is a particular love of mine because the changes that you feel in your body from it are so immediate and satisfying. Do not expect to see changes in the mirror straight away, but be patient and I guarantee that by the end of this series, with consistent effort, you will be very pleased with what you see!

The benefits you will gain from strength training are immense:

  • It will strengthen your skeleton
  • It will build muscle
  • It will help to burn fat
  • It will help you to feel strong and powerful in your body


Strength training exercises for beginners 

There are many options that you can choose from to perform some strength training. Some types I would recommend include body weight exercise- squats, pull ups, crunches and squat. If you use dumbells and barbells in the gym, perform compound moves likes bench press, pull ups, squats, front squats and deadlifts. Easier options include using resistance bands and certain types of yoga.

strength and fitness training strongmanWhat strength training do I do?

I like to vary my strength training. I work out with weights 5 times a week and do Strongman training at the weekend. It is important to give each body part at least 24 hours to rest. So if you train your legs on a Monday, make sure you don’t work them out until at least Wednesday.


How you can I begin strength training?

So how can you start strength training? I’d recommend that you pick a level here that fits in with your fitness levels.

Level 1- body weight exercises- press ups, sit ups, squats.

Level 2- weight training 1-3 times per week.

Level 3- weight training 3-5 times a week

Level 4- strongman training, full body workouts, anything you want!


Day 2 Actions

Pick a strength training level that fits in with your current fitness levels. Begin today! Even if it is trying to do as many press ups as you can! Enjoy making your body strong and know that it will be helping you right away.


Mentally, make sure that before you lift a weight or perform a strength exercise, that your mind is clear, you take some long deep breathes and you are focused. Taking the time to do this has helped me to make great progress in my strength work outs and to enjoy them! Enjoy the challenge of this wonderful physical aspect of strength. Give it your all!


Stay strong,

Strength and Fitness Training Michael Quigley



Michael Quigley

Mike is a people loving adventure seeker. He loves to inspire others to be their very best and motivate them to do so. A keen advocate of fitness of both the mind and body, Mike regularly visits the gym, meditates, does yoga and running, strongman training and trampolining. His nearest upcoming adventure involves jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks and climbing the highest mountain in the country. His favourite phrases is ‘You can’t argue with success!”

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