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Here at From Scratch With Love we’re celebrating Lent with a brand new series on Self Mastery, as this is what we believe Lent is all about; whether you do that through giving up chocolate or starting a positive new habit. Each day of Lent we’ll be uploading a new post on the various facets of self mastery to help you on your journey.

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Training, developing your mind and exploring your mental potential is an essential element of self mastery. One excellent practice to begin today is meditation. There are thousands of books, courses and apps that you could use for this but I recommend just one. Headspace. Andy Puddicome is a trained monk and his Headspace company have been helping thousands of people worldwide connect with themselves on a deeper level every day.

Andy Puddicome - Headspace meditation

Andy Puddicome – Headspace

I recommend getting their free Headspace app or visiting Headspace. The act of meditation is very simple and profound. I have been practising meditation for approximately five years and enjoyed many benefits from it. These include help with stress, depression, low mood, energy levels, anxiety and the ability to be calm. To perform this type of meditation, you sit and breathe deeply, closing your eyes, listening to sounds and eventually becoming more and more still. Then you are able to reach a place of relaxed attentiveness, where you are not thinking anything particularly at all.

It only takes 10 minutes of practise each day to form this excellent habit and you will feel the benefits immediately.

Day 1 Action

Visit Headspace and sign up to their free Take 10 Meditation programme

Alternatively, simply sit and breathe deeply for ten minutes each day, not trying to ignore thoughts, simply allowing them to pass and focusing on your breathing.

Enjoy this wonderful practice and tomorrow’s blog will be addressing your physical fitness!


Michael Quigley

Mike is a people loving adventure seeker. He loves to inspire others to be their very best and motivate them to do so. A keen advocate of fitness of both the mind and body, Mike regularly visits the gym, meditates, does yoga and running, strongman training and trampolining. His nearest upcoming adventure involves jumping out of a plane, swimming with sharks and climbing the highest mountain in the country. His favourite phrases is ‘You can’t argue with success!”

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