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Last night I was blown away by how many of you liked my Golden Milk picture on Instagram, so as promised here is the recipe!


Golden milk recipe, healthy hot drink high in antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Very yummy


Golden milk is totally amazing; it contains both ginger and turmeric, both powerful antioxidants and antiinflamatories for your body, making this a great drink if you’re feeling bloated, fuzzy headed or just generally in need of something warm, comforting and lightly spiced to wrap your mitts around.


This particular recipe, which I have adapted from one I found online (I can’t remember where, but when I find it I will add a link here), makes an excess of the ‘paste’ used to flavour the drink. The extra paste can be put in a clean glass jar in the fridge and kept for a week or so. This paste is great as unlike some other golden milk recipes it eliminates the need for straining the mixture or drinking around floating spices; you just have to watch out for the spice ‘sludge’ which will inevitably form at the bottom of your cup – its perfectly safe to ingest but has something of a gritty texture, you’ve been warned!


This recipe makes two cups of golden milk (don’t bother with a cup measure, just measure your milk directly into the cup you plan to use!). When I lived alone I would still make two cups worth and simply refrigerate the second cup for a refreshing morning drink which I would use as a post gym pick me up, the protein fed my muscles whilst the anti inflammatory properties helped soothe my muscles and hasten recovery. Now a days I still make two cups at a time, one for me and one for my boyfriend, so it works out either way.


However much you make of this recipe, there are two very important things to remember:

1. When cooking the spices keep the heat LOW and stir constantly, making sure that you stir the sides and the centre of the pan. Trust me, burnt spices are no fun and throwing away this much spice can be costly.

2. When cooking the milk DO NOT leave it unattended. Burnt milk is a huge pain to clean from the bottom of a pan and doesn’t taste nice either. Again, don’t rush hearing the milk through, and don’t stop stirring -paying particular attention to the bottom of the pan.


So with no further ado, here it is:

Golden Milk Recipe

Paste Ingredients:

1/4 cup Ground Turmeric *

1/8 cup Ground Ginger *

1/4 + 1/8 cup Cold Water

1 tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Over a low / medium heat add the spices and water and stir together to form a loose sort of paste. Keep stirring, taking care not to burn the spices, and after about five minutes the paste will begin to thicken and look like damp sand (in texture, not in colour). Remove spice mix from the heat and stir in the coconut oil, blending well.

Making turmeric tea / golden milk recipe. Golden milk paste

Pour into a clean glass jar, leave to cool, seal and refrigerate for up to 7 days.

* I find that these spices can be bought in bulk MILES cheaper at an Indian / Asian greengrocers store or supermarket then at western supermarkets, so ask around in your Asian community for your nearest store. TIP: coconut oil is almost always cheaper there too.


Golden Milk Drink Ingredients:

– Serves 2

1 tsp Golden Milk Paste

1 cup Milk (Can use dairy or alternatives)

1 tbsp Local Honey (optional)

Pinch of Ground Cinnamon (optional)


Over a medium heat add the milk and Golden Milk Paste together and stir.

Do not let the milk sit unstirred for more then a few moments or it can burn.

Golden milk / turmeric tea recipe. Healthy and good for you, debloating drink

It can take 4 – 5 minutes for the milk to heat through, you can tell when it’s done by eye as there will be much less spice floating on the top of the drink and when you stir it steam will rise from the milk. Most importantly, do not let the milk boil or it will ruin the flavour and some of those antioxidant properties!

Remove pan from the heat and stir in honey if using. Allow drink to settle for a moment before pouring into cups, avoiding the ‘sludge’ at the bottom of the pan.

Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired and enjoy!


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Please note: I am neither a registered dietician or nutritionist. I share these recipes and tips with you as a result of my own personal study and experiences. 

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