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Chocolate cake with hand piped buttercream flowers and salted caramel drips

Happy New Year everyone!

Todays post is all about New Years Resolutions for Health, I want to know what yours are and tell you a little about mine.

I’ve not been very well lately and found that I struggled greatly with my eating and routine towards the end of the year. I realised though (with some help) that at the time my health was far more important to regain for the long term then a short term eating habit. I had no energy at all and so cooking was kept to the quick and easy (though still no ready meals!) and I was grateful for the veg I had in the freezer for ease of use when I simply could not bring myself to wash and peel. This all sounds rather dismal, but it highlighted to me the importance of getting well and not trying to run before I could walk. I know – very well – that healthy food is the best medicine; but when one is exhausted and anxious it can actually be quite a burden. I am very thankful that I have the basic cookery skills to still have been able to put mostly healthy food on the table most days, and I plan on sharing these skills with you in the New year.


1. Share basic cookery skills with my lovely readers.

I want to be able to give you the skills that have gotten me through this difficult time along with strategies I’m learning as I go for coping with putting homemade food on the table when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.


2. Be kind to myself and allow my recovery to continue at it’s own pace.

I am a rather impatient person and I have found it hugely frustrating not being able to do what I want when I want simply because my body and mind cannot currently cope. Moving forward I will do my best to be kind to myself and welcome change more slowly and gradually into my life.


I will end with my New Years Eve experience:

My wonderful boyfriends birthday falls on this day and I had been planning the meal and cake for months; a from scratch Chinese banquet and three tier extravaganza of a cake.

Sadly, due to my health I had to make some adjustments and the cake shrunk somewhat (though at 3 layers of chocolate fudge it was still HUGE!); Michael gave me a free reign to decorate as I wished stipulating only that he wanted salted caramel to be a part of it. Everyone loved it!

At least five pairs of hands helped me to prepare and cook the Chinese banquet (which caused a few tears of exhaustion. It ended well) of Vegetable lo mein, vegetable potstickers, pork potstickers, egg fried rice, crispy chilli beef, crispy duck pancakes and Chinese five spice pork… I amazed myself by being able to put such a meal on the table and it was enjoyed by all. I stayed sane by pre planning, pre preparation, enlisting lots of help and then just doing it. Sometimes being stubborn has its benefits….

Even at the worst of times food is about joy. It is to be celebrated and enjoyed and understood. It has its place. So if I could ask one thing, please don’t demonise food this year. Keep an open mind, take the ‘advice’ and restrictive diets with a healthy dose of salt and remember to enjoy it!


So Just know that in this new year you can do anything you set your mind to. It may not happen quite as you expect, but it won’t happen at all if you don’t try.

Comment below what your plans and aspirations for the new year are! Let’s help each other as we embark on our respective 2017 adventures!

Happy New Year.

Victoria xx

From Scratch With Love

Victoria is a passionate home cook who strives to create balance between healthy food and a true love of food and enjoyment. If not at the stove she can be found on her allotment growing veg or crafting in a quiet corner. Her drive in life is to help people through sharing knowledge and love without limitations.

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